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Blueberry Kale Salad With Sumac Dressing

Updated: Jun 19

Super excited that my local farmers market opened and can’t wait for all the local produce to start rolling in. It takes time to grow stuff in the Midwest but once it does we don’t take it for granted and we appreciate it so much. So I picked up some kale and blueberries to make this refreshing salad served with a tangy ruby sumac dressing. It’s a pretty simple salad but definitely one that makes you feel good inside out.

Blueberry kale salad with sumac dressing :

9 cups of vegetables

6 cups chopped Kale

1 cup Brussel sprouts shredded

1 cup Broccoli stems

1 cup shredded Radicchio

1/2 cups raw Almonds chopped

1/2 cup fresh Blueberries


1/4 cup extra virgin Olive oil

Juice of one Lemon

1 tsp Blueberry jam or honey

2 tsp Sumac **

Mix all the ingredients in a jar and shake well to combine.


The sumac bush, native to the Middle East, produces deep ruby red berries. My father in law has his own bushes in Jordan and once they harvest the berries and dry them, he would then send them to the local mill where they grind them into coarse powder. Ground sumac is a versatile spice with a tangy lemony flavor. Its more balanced and less tart than lemons.

Sumac is often used in Palestine's most beloved dish "Musakhan" taboon bread topped with olive oil sautéed onions, chicken, and sumac. But its also delicious with fish, vegetables and even fruits. A sprinkle on vegetables, hummus will add a beautiful pop of color.

How to buy:

Sumac is a single ingredient spice. Its salt and dye free and should be naturally red.

Hot to store:

Store away from sunlight in a dark cupboard i also like to store mine in the fridge.

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