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Easter Eggs with Natural Dye & A Childhood Game

Updated: Jun 19

As kids we loved to color Easter eggs. It was always a family activity. My grandmother always loved natural coloring that came straight out of her kitchen. She boiled down onions skin, and beets. But as kids we loved the colorful tablets that dissolved in water and vinegar creating cool colors. And decorating them with all sorts of stickers and sleeves the ones that cling on the egg when you dunk them in boiling water. These were the talk of Easter back then.

Although coloring was fun but we looked forward to all the laughs and smiles it brought us afterwards when we played a game called “Tae’sh” or crack the eggs On Easter morning , a game my kids love to play today.

The dyed eggs will also serve as Easter’s morning breakfast. we all would gather and compete on cracking each other’s eggs we call it “Tae’sh” .

The same dyed eggs are also offered to kids when families and friends come to visit during the Easter celebration which often lasted for a few days. We often challenged one another for an egg Tae’sh throw down. The person with the last unbroken egg is declared the winner. My dad often cheated with fake or wooden eggs.

Natural Easter egg dye Recipe

When you find your Easter egg dye in the produce isle. Because Nature's colors are so beautiful. These dyes are made of vegetables, herbs and spices.


2 Yellow beets

1 Red beet

1 cup Blueberries

Red cabbage and red onion skins

Chili pepper 2 tbls

Turmeric 2 tbls

1 cup Purple yams


Add the ingredients to 2 cups water, 1 tsp salt let them boil for 15 minutes.

Then add one tbls vinegar.

Let them cool before you add the boiled cooked eggs.

The longer the cooked eggs stay in the colorful bath the deeper the color. Have fun and if you experiment with other veggies, herbs or spices please tag me.



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