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The best way to make Iced Coffee at Home

Updated: Jun 19

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is my absolute favorite treat in the summer. Although it’s not really complicated to make it requires some planning ahead. As I researched the topic I found that there are many different approaches to making iced coffee at home. You would think that one could pour brewed coffee into a glass full of ice and call it a day…but Unfortunately this method doesn’t work very well. The hot coffee will melt the ice, then it’s not really iced coffee is it! The ice will also dilute the strength of the coffee and I like my coffee pretty strong. And before I discovered the greatest and most cost effective idea of all times on how to make iced coffee I would put the hot brewed coffee in the fridge and once it’s cold I would add ice and drink it. But to me although it sounds like the logical thing to do the coffee tasted still a little bitter and not smooth.

So I came across this method while reading

Imbibe Magazine. Which is creating a sort of iced coffee concentrate. Once I tried it the result was a smoother, richer, more delicious concentrate than simply brewing strong coffee and refrigerating it. And defiantly experiment to find your own perfect ratio of coffee to water. So I took this method of making a coffee concentrate to my French press and it was the most effortless thing I have ever made and been making it that way ever since. The only thing is that this method requires some planning ahead as the coffee grounds need to steep for 12 hours in the fridge before pressing down the filter. So it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Freshly grind whole coffee beans on the coarse setting on your grinder

  2. Place the coffee grounds at the bottom of your French press

  3. Give it a stir to incorporate. Place in the fridge and the only hard part is to wait 12 hours. Adjust the measurements to fit your own French press. The coffee will be so concentrated so to drink it you would have to dilute it with water or the milk of your choice. You can also add sugar, honey or condensed milk.

Add room temp filtered water and stir to combine

According to America’s Test Kitchen’s taste test of cold-brew systems, using a French press makes the best-tasting cold brew. And you won’t need to buy a separate cold brew system. But if you don’t have a French press you don’t need to run out and get one. You can simply use a container, a glass jar or even a clean bucket would do, a fine mesh strainer and a cheesecloth to strain the coffee grounds and you are all set to make iced coffee.

Store your coffee in a glass jar tightly closed in the fridge

Keep in mind:

  • Iced coffee requires a higher ratio of coffee to water (1:7) is ideal since we are making a coffee concentrate.

  • The quality of your coffee is based on the quality of your beans. So use your favorite brand and grinding the beans fresh is best.


• Grind 2/3 cup of coffee beans and place in a (8-cup) French press.

• Add 3 cups of room-temperature filtered water.

• Stir the coffee grinds into the water.

• Place the French press plunger on top (don't press it in) or just cover it with a plastic wrap and store in the fridge for 12 hours.

• After 12 hours carefully press down on the plunger to push all the grounds to the bottom.

Your coffee is now ready place it in a glass bottle tightly closed and it will last for a few weeks.

To make the best Iced Coffee simply :

* Add ice to a tall glass

* Fill the glass with coffee half full or up to 3/4 full.

* Add a splash of your favorite milk or if you are bad like me ad half and half (optional)

* Add your favorite sweetener and stir to combine (optional)

* You can also add a splash of vanilla, hazelnut syrup or any flavor you like (optional)

Fill a glass jar or a tall glass with ice and pour the coffee filling the glass half or 3/4 full

Add a splash of your favorite milk. I love half and half in iced coffee

This is my favorite drink on hot summer days. Enjoy if you love the recipe leave me a comment and let me know.



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