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Labaneh Tabat (Labaneh Balls)

Labaneh Balls:

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Labaneh balls is just taking Labaneh a step further. It’s a lot more firm and drier than traditional Labaneh and often preserved in olive oil.

Labaneh balls or “Tabat Labaneh” are often made late spring and summertime when fresh yogurt is widely available and at its tastiest. My favorite version is made with goats milk or goats yogurt.

For this recipe Labaneh has to be made first, then shaped into balls and set out to dry over few days. Then packed in a jar with olive oil. The Labaneh balls are delicious rolled in herbs and spices such as Za’atar, mint and sumac.


One Labaneh recipe (drained for 3-4 days)


Cover a tray with few layers of paper towels

Scoop one tbls of Labaneh into the palms of your hands and roll into a ball

Place the balls on the paper towels

Place more paper towels on top of the rolled Labaneh balls making sure to absorb any extra liquid.

When the paper towels get wet or damp, replace them with new towels. You are going to do this twice a day. Don’t worry it’s pretty easy.

Keep the Labaneh balls in the fridge for the duration of this process.

Repeat the process until the Labaneh is completely dried out a process that might take 3-4 days

When ready place the Labaneh balls in a sterile glass jar. Pack the Labaneh balls in there and submerge completely with olive oil.

Keep jar in the fridge it will last for few months if covered in oil.

To serve allow the oil to come to room temperature because it will solidify in the fridge.

Tip: you can flavor your oil with chili’s, garlic or fresh herbs like Za’atar, Rosenary etc.

To serve: you can serve the Labaneh straight out of the jar. Or roll the Labaneh balls in dried mint, Za’atar, sumac or whatever you like before serving.

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