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Hummus Bowl with Kiftah Meatballs

Updated: Jun 19

There are endless ways to enjoy the humble hummus. In the Middle East its often part of the Mezze table, served at breakfast, slathered in a pita pocket for school lunch or as a dip with veggies. I love to make hummus for the weekend it gives the whole family something delicious and substantial to enjoy. Growing up hummus was also served as a main meal topped with meat, shawarma or veggies. Its so hearty and loaded with Protein keeping you feeling full for a long time. Today we are topping our hummus with another favorite ingredient kiftah meatballs they are spiced little nuggets packed with fresh flavors from the parsley and onions they make for a great hummus topping.

For the creamiest hummus recipe click here To make the Kiftah meatballs click here

To build your hummus bowl:

1. Spoon your hummus in the middle of a shallow dish, using the back of your spoon push the hummus towards the edge of the plate in a circular motion creating what looks like a border. of course this is the traditional way of plating the hummus. Have fun creating your own swirls and designs.

2. Top your hummus with meatballs

3. Sautee some pine nuts in ghee and sprinkle over your hummus, a drizzle of that ghee will add so much flavor too.

4. Serve your bowls with an assortment of pickles and warm pita bread.

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