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Growing up, hummus was a staple item in my home. My mom would spread hummus on a pita bread, drizzle it with olive oil, and cut it in two perfect wedges. This made the perfect school lunch; it was my peanut butter and jelly.

At home, hummus was always homemade. It is only a few ingredients that are often available on hand in any Middle Eastern home. My aunt Aida was the family hummus connoisseur. As a child, I loved fresh rolled up pitas with warm hummus that has just been creamed, with fresh slices of tomatoes, pickles and cucumbers. After my aunt would make the hummus my grandma known as Tita would make the sandwiches. She would wrap the pita rolls tightly and pass it to all of the grandchildren as we play in her beautiful garden after school.

Hummus is so smooth and creamy and the mild taste makes it perfect and appealing for kids. Kids love to play with their food and assemble it themselves. They are often attracted to things that are set up like an ice cream bar, a taco bar etc. this set up will encourage them to try new foods and cuisines. Therefore it's time to declare the hummus bar. One that's loaded with bowls of vegetables, meats, salads, pickles, and of course the luscious hummus.

To put together this hummus bar, first start by making a fresh batch of hummus, you'll find an awesome easy recipe here

In bowls, assemble toppings that would appeal to your kid's liking. A simple cucumber, tomatoes salad, fresh cut vegetables, assortment of pickles, grilled chicken, marinated chickpeas, falafel patties are a perfect friend to hummus and also feta cheese. The options are endless. A hummus bar with various toppings, and options will take this simple ingredient to a whole new level. I love to involve my kids in selecting the ingredients, chopping the vegetables, mixing the salads, and assembling the hummus bar. This will engage your kids in a cultural food experience and make for a beautiful memory.

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